New Day, New Age

All change. Again. This time my family of men, big and small, have packed lock, stock and barrel and headed Down Under. Plus one. We spent 3 years in the Mother City, my beloved Cape Town, but, for various reasons, decided it wasn’t the best option for our family.

Leaving SA for Aus is interesting. We encountered some surprising hostility when we mentioned our plans, usually from strangers. It was as if we were somehow defecting. South African expats who berate the country from a distance are not well received by those choosing to stay, but we’d never do that. We’ve always been upfront about the fact that if it were just husband and I, we would almost certainly have stayed. It’s the boys, three of them now, that swing the vote. SA and especially Cape Town has so much to offer, but, for us, Aus has more. Leaving was a wrench – my most precious people are still there. One of my buddies of bosom is pregnant with her 1st son and I’m missing it. And unlike previous international moves, I don’t plan to move back again anytime soon. Not easy.

But here we are, starting from scratch, with a 6YO, 4YO and the 6month old Sprout. And despite how sad and terrifying it is, I’m also excited about the whole new world. But we’re going to need to talk about the spiders…